Montenegro Travel Tips

Montenegro Travel Tips

Montenegro's popularity as a travel destination has exploded in the last few years. Many tourists still only travel to Montenegro by cruise ship. If you are coming to visit the country otherwise, it can be difficult to find straightforward travel tips. So, we have gathered frequently asked questions about travel to Montenegro below.

FAQs on Travel to Montenegro

When is the best time to visit Montenegro?

Montenegro and the Dalmatian Coast are known for their summers that are perfect for sailing and mountaineering. June, July, and August are the high season. The ski season in Montenegro is from November to April.

The shoulder seasons are an ideal time to visit Montenegro as the weather is warm and the crowds are thinner than in summer. The waters of the Adriatic and Bay of Kotor are still warm in September and into early October. The rain in April and May is a bit unpredictable. However, shops will begin to open on the coast and the winter snow melts to welcome white water rafting season on the Tara River.

What are the best flights to Montenegro?

Podgorica and Tivat airports have regular international flights during the season. However, flights are very limited to Tivat during winter. Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia sits 30 minutes from the Montenegrin border and the Bay of Kotor. During the season, it has direct flights from around Europe and select other areas. In winter, the flights reduce however is more connected than Tivat.

Podgorica Airport
Podgorica, Montenegro

Tivat Airport
Tivat, Montenegro

Dubrovnik Airport (Alternative airport in Croatia)
─îilipi BB, Dubrovnik, Croatia

You can find flights to Dubrovnik and Tivat at the bottom of this post.

Do I need a visa to visit Montenegro?

Visa List is a helpful resource to check the power of your passport and where you can travel. Choose the country of your passport and then filter for Montenegro to see if you need to apply for a visa or can receive one upon arrival.

Montenegro is in the beginning stages of joining the EU, so it does not have open borders nor does it belong to the Schengen region. Citizens of the EU, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Australia can visit Montenegro without a visa for 90 days. To return, they must be out of the country for 90 days.

Check with your embassy to confirm visa requirements.

What currency is used in Montenegro?

Montenegro uses the Euro.

What time zone is Montenegro in?

Montenegro is on CET (Central European Time), so it is on the same time as Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Rome.

Where can I visit outside of the Bay of Kotor?

Budva is popular for its nightlife and the beautiful 5-star resort Aman Sveti Stefan that encompasses an entire island and its former fishing village. Northern Montenegro mixes deep canyons, glacial lakes, and the limestone Dinaric Alps.

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